Issue GP Vouchers to those at ED in waiting room that ain;t " emergencies" as such. ( with an expiry of 2 days )

These can be given by nurses in ED or Ambo's sent to locations and can see obvious cases that ain't " urgent " .

The previso that the client is willing to accept the voucher instead of treatment at ED , before receiving they sign to agree it was their decision to recieve voucher instead of emergency care.

So this doesn't get out of control , it isn't a given that vouchers WILL be issued if

* you are a frequent flyer :)

* isn't a given you will always get a voucher

: )

Why the contribution is important

Funds are allocated in different health ORGs eg Oral health to help with MANAGEMENT of treatments ..

Thought maybe this can be done in ED

by KYMBOO96 on August 20, 2019 at 11:45AM

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