Quick access OP referrals for older persons

Emergency Departments within MSH see older persons referred in by GPs particularly from Nursing Homes with chronic condtions such as anaeamia or for ear syringing.  These patients are often sent in late in the day and spend many hours waiting to be seen and treated often not going home until the early hours of the morning by ambulance. There should be a way for a GP to access a short notice appointment with the relevant OP service, these patients could arrive during business hours be treated and home in time for dinner. 

Why the contribution is important

My idea is important because it is keeps the patient at the centre of delivery of care, and tailors the delivery of care at a time and location which is best for the patient, rather than in a busy Emergency Department where these patients are a lower priorty in a noisey and hectic environment.

by Danden99 on August 12, 2019 at 09:57AM

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