Promote use of existing community resources

There are a few things that about the use of EDs that i believe could be improved with better targeted marketing.

1.  Targeting peoples anxieties - some ED presentations could be dealt with by providing reassurance to the patient. This reassurance could come from any number of experienced clinicians within primary as well as secondary health service.  Patients with non-urgent health concerns should be encouraged to call 13Health prior to attending ED for local community support and direction to possibly a more appropriate service.

2.  You could look a the feesabiluity of haveing someone (experienced community clinician) at the point of Triage whos role is to advise the non-urgent patients that they could be helped more effectively and more quickly by attending their GP or by accessing more specific community resources.

Why the contribution is important

These are just some ideas that i have.

Inappropriate presentations to ED could be a result of ;

- lack of underatanding of the important role of the ED

- Personal vulnerability such as panic and anxiety

 - lack of funds to pay the gap at the GP

by foxor on August 13, 2019 at 09:02AM

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  • Posted by Lili August 20, 2019 at 10:18

    A specialist chronic disease team and multidisciplinary approach with mental health nurses and GPs to tackle this is not easy to implement but needs to be explored for feasibility and sustainability. It makes sense to use existing community resources.
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