Paramedic social services referrals

Providing paramedics with the means to refer at risk patients to varied social services including but not limited to social workers, public psychologists, financial services, housing assistance within their communities rather than via a wider hospital approach could greatly decrease unnecessary social presentations at hospitals. 

By keeing these patients out of the hospital system, it could see drastic changes in wait times and availability of beds. 

There are many government funded projects around the metro south area that can cater for these patients, for exapmle the Eagleby neighbourhood centre. It offers a range of social programs for children, youth, expectant mothers, as well as male and female support groups. 



Why the contribution is important

Giving paramedics the ability to refer in need patients to varied social services without the need for a hospital visit could greatly decrease the number of social presentations to hospitals across the metro south health precinct. As such not only would the patient be receiving the service they need, but there will be extra beds available, and paramedics will spend less time ramped with such patients. 

Patients are more likely to accept social support when offered within the community and without the need to transport to hospital first.

Lastly with such a service patients would not end up in hospital over night or during the weekend when social workers are not available or have a higher workload than can be completed.

by RRambulance on August 21, 2019 at 11:20AM

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