PAramedic Communication Triage Specialist (PACTS)

Currently in QLD all calls to ambulance which come through Triple Zero (000), are triaged by Emergency Medical Dispatchers, via PROQA and allocated an MPDS coding to establish the priority and type of response required. 

Clinical Deployment Supervisors, who are either Advanced Care or Critical Care Paramedics work within the operations centres within metropolitan areas. Their current role is to monitor, plan and manage the deployment of resources to ensure adequate distribution of clinical resources to emergency and non emergency cases, monitor aeromedical resourcing, and clarify clinical information to support dispatching priorities. 

Currently, call backs to patients are not completed systematically and are dependent on workload and other demands on the CDS role. Implementation of a dedicated Paramedic Communication Triage Specialist would offload this workload from the CDS. 

A change to the call taking and dispatching of ambulances would be required. Any case that is not deemed an immediate life threat or emergency requiring immediate dispatch would be transferred through to the PACTS for more detailed clinical triage and potential patient referral. 

The clinical triaging of the patients via a formalised clinical questioning framework utilising Paramedic clinical judgement would allow for three different pathways.

1. triage to emergency or non emergency ambulance response

2. triage to GP within the operations centre or 13HEALTH

3. referral to GP or other allied health via the health engine app, utilising the provided patient phone number to confirm the appointment or provide possible contacts within their area. 


Why the contribution is important

PACTS would be focused only on the triage and referral pathways, reducing the load on EMDs, CDS, and OCS. 

Reduce over or under triage of patients calling triple zero.

Provide a referral pathway or service for patients unsure of what options they may have for their presenting conditions. Thus reducing case workload and providing alternate pathways of care and patient education, reducing burden on ED. 

by nadams on August 20, 2019 at 01:32PM

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