Paediatric Nurse clinic on hospital site

Paediatric nurses often spend years building their clinical capabilities to be able to manage and treat unwell paediatric patients. An on-site Paediatric Nurse-led clinic (consisting of experienced paediatric nurses and Paediatric nurse practitioners), could serve as a triage system into the emergency department, by managing cases not requiring senior physician input. 

Why the contribution is important

Parents often present to emergency departments for reassurance on basic illness, or out of desparation due to the inability to gain an appointment with a local GP. Once within the department, they are frequently managed by junior medical staff who may be on a rotation through the paediatric area, with limited experience or skills. This idea would not limit exposure for medical staff to paediatric patients, but would provide a varied forum for paediatric management. Those deemed too unwell to be managed by the nurse-led clinic would be re-streamed to the emergency department.

This idea could mimic a fast-track or minor injury department, whereby the triage nurse could stream patients to the nurse-led clinic. The length of stay would be significantly reduced, and unnecessary, painful and costly tests and procedures could be minimised using the experienced nurse's management skills.

by Kritvan on August 20, 2019 at 08:17AM

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