MSH PACH as central clinical coordinator of IHT within MSH

Utilisation of MSH Patient Access Coordination Hub (PACH) as a central point of contact and coordinator of Inter-Hospital Transfers (IHTs) within MSH

Why the contribution is important

Streamlining the process of IHTs across MSH will create capacity at the referring end by making the process less time consuming, and will avoid unnecessary use of the ED via patients more frequently going straight to ward beds (unless they require resuscitation) at the receiving end.

PACH can receive the initial call from referring facility re a patient who requires admission under a specialty not on-site at the referring hospital. PACH can identify which facility has that service AND a bed available. They can then conference in the accepting specialty team for the clinical discussion and then make the necessary transfer arrangements.

by collierj on August 15, 2019 at 09:04AM

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