More prominent promotion of 13 Health

13 Health was set up some years ago to inform the public if they need an Emergency Dept visit or visit the local GP during business hours.


The advertising has been limited for this service and needs more advertising especially on Social Media and TV.

Why the contribution is important

Saves Qld Health financial and material resources

by Murphy1 on August 13, 2019 at 05:33AM

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  • Posted by nurse11 August 14, 2019 at 07:53

    Came here to suggest the same thing myself. I am always recommending 13HEALTH to my clients, many of whom have never heard of it. Particularly in the elderly I think it would be very helpful for them to be aware of it. Promote that it is a free call or cost of a local call, as sometimes people see a 13 number as a huge cost and some people can't afford to wait.

    Magnets - simple yet effective. People love magnets and it is an easy way to keep the number close at hand (as no doubt there are people out there who still have a phone that doesn't have letters on the number buttons).

    I've used 13HEALTH myself several times for myself and my kids. I do find it strange that someone answers the call and then directs you to the adult service or paediatric service. Surely that could be done by selecting a 1 for adults and 2 for paeds?
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