Low Acuity Medical Consult for Paramedics

Paramedics need an avenue to get information on managing low acuity complaints in real time. This might be because a paramedic is unsure whether a particular complaint will actually be managed in hospital or referred back to GP; there may be a question regarding medication use or compliance with a management plan by the patient; or a complaint that the paramedic is fairly sure doesn't require ED attendance, but could use some clinical support in ensuring the right decision and discharge advise is given.

Why the contribution is important

Providing this decision support by clinicians who are experienced ED doctors or nurses would help bridge the knowledge gap between the pre-hospital and hospital arenas allowing paramedics to divert patients from ED while maintaing a focus on patient safety and high quality clinical care. It would also allow better patient education of their condition (something that is often under-utilised in hospital or by GPs due to workload and time constraints), empowering the patient to make better use of non-emergent healthcare and making early self-interventions for future complaints.

by TrentWheeler on August 21, 2019 at 05:06PM

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