LARU and ED exposure for Acute Care Paramedics.

To help new and existing paramedics gain confidence and progress clinical judgement there should be placements done, possibly on an annual basis, for acute officers to spend some time with LARU and ED.

Many LARU officers having a better working knowledge of alternative avenues available to patients, they have generally an extended skill set. Giving acute officers exposure to this would be beneficial in decision making and clinical judgement. It could provide more confidence to treating officers and support them in making recommendations for alternative pathways as opposed to ED presentation.

Officers would also, I feel, gain invaluable insight by having similar placements at an ED. Clinical judgement, risk factors and in hospital treatments would help again progress and cement clinical judgement for acute officers.

Annual placements with would help officers keep refreshed and also updated to any changes and new practices and skills.

Why the contribution is important

By building clinical confidence and continuing development front line acute officers would be better prepared and supported to make clinical decisions that offer alternative pathways and advice to patients who have called an emergency service. It would also serve to help officers have more clinical insight regarding point of destination and treatments.

by Pjhill on August 19, 2019 at 09:30AM

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