Keeping emergencies for emergencies

There should be a list of "super clinics" avalaible for GP's to send patients to that can be treated locally for example Fractures, wounds, cuts, immunisations, stomach ache, general malise and un well ness

When patients access 1300 Health they should also be able to give "super clinic" details and not automatically send to the nearest A&E

Have staff in emergency triaging straight away and directing patients to the nearest facility for example "the super clinics" Patients should not be able to just turn up and wait in a 'waiting room" as emergencies are not "banks'

Why the contribution is important

to reduce patients being seen un-nessarily in ED when they can be treated at a "super clinic' health care centre.


Emergency rooms are NOT waiting rooms

by august on August 09, 2019 at 03:28PM

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