Hospital Based Paramedics

Currently there is an issue around patients being ramped for extended periods of time at various hospitals. At this time there is sometimes issues arising from who truly has responsibility of care for the patient which can result in reducing paramedic response availability to the community or lengthen the time for patients to receive diagnostic testing like blood tests or diagnostic imaging. 

Other services around the world employ hospital based paramedics who take responsibility for patients awaiting admission where appropriate who are sometimes endorsed by hospitals to work either under their services scope of practice or a hospital extended scope indecently including the ordering of simple analgesia, blood tests, wound closure or other diagnostic tests and procedures similar to nurse initiated assessments seen in Qhealth facility’s now. Through my own questioning I have met and spoken to a number of currently employed paramedics who would be willing and excited to be a part of this role if it were an option.

Why the contribution is important

There are a few reasons why this idea could improve Qhealth services as a whole. Firstly, it would allow for ambulance crews to handover to both an ambulance and Qhealth clinician at the same time allowing them to return to the road to attend other patients. Secondly this in hospital paramedic provides a liaison service between the QAS and hospital clinicians. Thirdly, paramedics currentlt work under independent decision making and developing an extended scope could provide in hospital paramedics with the skills necessary to act almost as physicians assistants taking the initial workload off of in hospital clinicians to a degree. Finally, large numbers of paramedic graduates are coming from university programs and providing other roles within the hospital and the service would provide different avenues for experienced paramedics to move into other roles allowing the employment of graduates into base roles  

by Mbarnett on August 20, 2019 at 11:18AM

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