Hospital Avoidance (by not coming to hospital)

At the moment, many of our hospital avoidance streams are about avoiding hospital admissions.

Hospital avoidance should mean a person does not come to the hospital at all.

If our Acute Care @ Home, Hospital in the Home, and Community Hospital Interface Programs were accessible to our community through GP referrals, many people would not need to come here in the first place.

Barriers to this are some of the rules around current service provision (such as HITH patients are required to have their first dose of IVABs in a hospital setting).  If we could review the data for how many anaphylactic reactions happened to these patients, the data might show that this rule is not necessary.

Why the contribution is important

This idea is important because our HHS predictions for emergency presentations indicate that two of our hospital will be overwhelmed with volume.  Beaudesert hospital will see double their numbers by 2027 and Logan ED will see an additional 50,000 presentations.  The infrastructure and planning for these services will not be able to keep up.  Reducing the number of presentations by incresaing community services is an excellent (and lower cost) way of managing people who don;t require a hospital admission for care.

People who don't come to hospital, don't get hospital acquired infections (1).

People who don't come to hospital get better nutrition in their own residences (2).

People who are hospitalised feel greater amounts of stress (3).




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