Frequent GP Patient Presenters

I will attach a link to a docuement which was published some time back by the National Health Perfomance Authority. Healthy Communities: Frequent GP attenders and their use of health services in 2012-13. This report was pivitol in recognisisng the strong corrolation that existsed between these patients and accessing the Emergency Department. (sadly the links wont cut and paste into this site).

Some other suggestions have been made in regards to Nurse Navigator (NN) being in this space. NN co-located within GP medical centres (or a CNC) would be able to work directly with the patient, GP, family and interface through the health and psychossocial spectrum of primary health care services. This will build health literacy, patient centred pathways to access health care and provied the guidenece, motivation and knowledge through the complex systems.



Why the contribution is important

NN have access to the major health service clinical IT solutions (ieMR, CHIMS,ATODS IS, CIMHA) which allows the GP to be better connected to real time clinical information.

Emergency Department reductions could be greatly reduce by focusing on the Frequent and Very Frequent Cohort (more than 12-20 GP visits a year).

The health economic burden of this patient poputlation across primary health and tertiary health (Emergency Departments) could be greatly reduce by NN being based in GP services.

by Colletsr on August 20, 2019 at 07:33AM

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