Expanding CarePact

Expanding of the Carepact system and change the MATA system with Nursing Homes and possibly GP's.

Require NH's and GP's to contact the Carepact teams to discuss the needs and requirements of the patients instead of contacting QAS directly.

Once the dicussion has occured, it would be CarePACT who would book the QAS with specifics about condition and destination.

Why the contribution is important

The ongoing demand on ED's and QAS resources for patient's that could have being easily managed down a different pathway.  This would allow pt's to be treated at a place of comfort and security without placing any unnecessary burdon on the QAS or ED system.

by dgonzalez on August 20, 2019 at 05:09PM

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  • Posted by TrentWheeler August 21, 2019 at 16:48

    The staff in nursing homes generally lack the knowledge, insight and confidence to manage low acuity complaints appropriately. Routing these requests through a CARE-PACT clinician would provide the opportunity to empower the staff the care for their patients in house, provide education and advise, and allow CARE-PACT in consultation with QAS and the Hospitals to plan for the flow of patients between nursing homes and the ED so that it minimises impact on both QAS and Health operations.
  • Posted by mcrice August 23, 2019 at 06:37

    Routing these requests (with accompanying funding) through the regular GP would work too. The GP knows the patient and local resources well. Trouble is, there's no Medicare rebate unless the GP cancels a number of patients in the practice (I wonder if they then go to ED?) and hikes along to the facility.

    Consider making a rebate available for this sort of support from the regular GP.
    Also funding additional staff to work in aged care: it's not always lack of knowledge, insight or confidence so much as the actual time required to do the work (remembering that 'residential' aged care is a place of residence, not a place of clinical treatment)
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