Community rehabilitation enablement and support team

This is an intititative of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Community based rehabilitation to older people. Will take referrals directly from GPs to help avoid hospital admissions. Up to 4 visits a day, seven days a week – offering nursing, OT and physio. Support with ADLs, home-based rehabilitation, continuing clinical assessment, personalised care plans, education for patients, carers and families and liaison with general practice.

Why the contribution is important

Maximising the opportunity to keep the elderly in the home and avoid presentation to ED and extended LOS to receive required assessments and optimising home environement whilst in hospital delaying discharge. This initiative keeps the patient at home and allows the visiting team to inititate the appropriate assessments and do required modifications whilst patient still at home.

by anthonyrussell on August 12, 2019 at 11:17PM

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