Community Education

A more engaging and proactive stance needs to be taken in regards to educating the general community about available and appropriate health resources. Ad campaigns need to be more engaging and clear, groups like 13sick and mental health sevices such as beyond blue, etc need to be highlighted as points of contact. GPs should also be engaging in face to face education with their pts. A more active campaign highlighting Apps appropriate for 13sick etc to enhance and encourage connectivity with those who are not only more technologically savvy but may also be more comfortable in accessing support through such platforms.

Why the contribution is important

I feel that there is generally a lacking and in many instances a misunderstanding and misuse of emergency services pre hospital. Active and engaging campaigns to highlight and educate the general public could be beneficial as they are the client that is served. Giving meaningful direction and access could lead to a decreased burden upon emergency services and hospitals due to mor appropriate avenues of support being engaged and successful.

by Pjhill on August 19, 2019 at 08:49AM

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