Collaboration with Sunny Street for homeless/ vulnerable people

A new community service is being set up for homeless and vulnerable populations, where free health care is provided to this group of people.  If our services link up with this group, we can ensure that people who have needs (which are not emergencies) know where they can go for free healthcare, and also we can ensure that people who do need emergent care are encouraged to come here by the team.

Sunny Street also provide presciption funding for homeless people who can;t afford their medicine prescriptions, some food, and emotional support.  This service is already functional and successful in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast (but their links with hospitals are not well established or standardised).

Partnering with this service means people will not represent for things like not being able to access needed medications.  It would also ensure ther are other well known services available for our community.

Why the contribution is important

This will improve the health of our community, provide other options for treatment for people who are naturally averse to institutions and help peopl to not attend ED unnecessarily.

by Churchtl on August 22, 2019 at 05:07PM

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    Charities and not-for-profit organisations can address some social determinants of health (shelter, nutrition, clothing, hygeine) that could have important downstream effects on emergency departments. Very importantly, they can provide social and emotional connections to address loneliness - a huge health risk and I suspect a significant driver for ED presentations that might seem (to the hospital) to be "inappropriate"

    What would "partnering" with these organisations look like?

    They can always do with cash.
    Perhaps vehicles, fuel, consumables like dressings, pharmaceuticals at no cost or an arrangement that their prescriptions can be filled at no cost? Storage and parking space. Office space.
    As long as reporting requirements are not onerous and burdensome governance is not imposed: the strength of these organisations is the nimble agility to just "get on with it" and do the work rather than producing voluminous reports

    Who actually knows what they need and has the trust to simply give it to them?
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