Alternative Transport Options for Medical Reasons

A significant number of ambulance presentations are because a patient is aware they have a low acuity complaint but have no means of transport. This might be because they have no car, they don't want to bother their family/partner/friends, they think they'll get a faster resolution by attending hospital via ambulance. In cases where the ambulance is being used purely as a means of transport for a low acuity complaint, there needs to be an alternative such as taxi vouchers or a non-emergency, on-call patient transport service.

Why the contribution is important

Having alternative services available, patients are less likely to allow a condition to get worse before presenting to medical services. If the transport option is able to take them to a GP or clinic instead of the hospital, it would likely divert even more patients from the ED. Having such a service would also give paramedics the confidence that a patient that is not transported by themselves will receive the appropriate medical review in an appropriate timeframe.

by TrentWheeler on August 21, 2019 at 05:24PM

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