Address inappropriate 'internal use' of ED within the hospital system

Keeping emergency health care services for emergencies has a natural focus on workload from the community; however there is also inappropriate use of the ED as a convenient location within the hospital for managing internal issues.

Why the contribution is important

The use of the ED within internal hospital systems as a convenient location to 'solve problems' is a frequent quantum of workload.

With the focus on patient flow and optimising ED LOS (Length of Stay) it is self-defeating for hospitals to direct additonal internal workloads into the ED. As a system we are happy to counsel patients and GPs not to use the ED inappropriately; yet we condone similar behaviour within the hospital itself; with admissions from OPD (Outpatient Department), IHT (Inter-hospital Transfers), staff illness to be directed to ED when they do not have a need for it...other than it is open, the lights are on and it is convenient for all.

Hospitals, as opposed to the public, have vastly more options to ensure the ED is avoided; yet they are not explored or utilised when there is an easier, more convenient option like the ED available.


by collierj on August 15, 2019 at 08:57AM

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