Acute Care Community Hub

Community hubs to provide acute care to patients presenting with Cat 4 and 5 triage conditions. eg Ankle sprain/simple fracture, wound management, prescriptions. The centre would require MDT input and services - eg radiography, nursing, allied health, medical. It would run similar to an ambulatory care unit within the ED, and patients could be re-directed to those hubs when on bypass/busy within EDs. The centre could be run by Medical officers, Nurse Practitioners, and Primary Contact Allied Health Practitioners.

It would require education of the population of what constitutes a Cat 4/5 condition. GPs could refer to these centres for further investigations/management, and then follow up care could then be referred on to specialist outpatient clinics or GPs as appropriate. It may also help to bridge the ED/GP divide, allowing more timely communication.

Why the contribution is important

Keeps EDs for emergency conditions. Utilises advanced and extended scope practitioner roles. Decentralises health care.

by anningj on August 13, 2019 at 09:33AM

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