SpotOnHealth Connecting Care is a unique collaboration between Metro South Health, Queensland Ambulance Service and Brisbane South PHN. We have been talking with each of the partners about the challenges faced by our emergency health care providers, and now we want to hear from you. Help us to better understand your needs and the issues you face.

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Keeping emergency health care services for emergencies

Challenge context

Emergency departments and the Queensland Ambulance Service are under pressure to provide urgent care to our most critically unwell patients. GPs and other health professionals in the community have a wide range of skills and equipment to treat patients with less urgent needs, but this is not widely known or understood.

Patients who feel unwell do not always know where and how to get the right care. Patients may also not be able to afford private care. This means that many patients attend Emergency departments or call 000 when they could be seen somewhere else.

There are better options when a patient is not critically unwell. Helps us to find solutions to care for these patients.

Challenge prompt questions

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What happens next?

If your idea is selected, you could be invited to join a team of collaborators during the Design phase. Over the coming weeks and with expert guidance, the team will refine your idea, and rapidly develop and test tangible solutions. For more details about our process and how you can participate see our website ( or contact the Connecting Care team.