Values must underpin all talent attraction and management processes

The roll-out of the new Bayside Health Service Staff Charter (launched in December 2018) was supported by a number of key activies. These are relevant to ensuring our organisational values become deeply embedded as well.

Some activities were undertaken by HR or the local Executive on behalf of the whole of Bayside Health Service, however other activities rest with the Line Manager/Director and/or all members of each work unit or team. References to the Charter are made in:

  • Bayside Health Service role descriptions under "Purpose of the Role"
  • MSH Welcome Portal
  • Bayside candidate application packs
  • Bayside Letters of Offer
  • Interviews and other selection processes
  • Orientation and induction
  • Performance appraisal & development


The Charter is also embedded through:

  • Local work areas (e.g., displaying the Charter and including it as an agenda item in staff meetings; staff are encouraged to identify initiatives that reflect elements of the Charter; local Charter Champions keep the message active)
  • Promotion and celebration (e.g., teams/work areas are encouraged to submit articles to the PULSE news letter to promove activities; bi-monthly features on activites/initiatives in line with the Charter principles; events to recognise examples of the Charter in action)
  • Consumer engagement (e.g., consulting with Consumer Engagement Committee on resonance of the Charter to their expecations; including Charter in patient handbook)

Why the contribution is important

Our values need to become part of everything we do. In order to guide decision making and behaviour, our values need to be reflected in the way we lead and manage. Including our values in our talent attraction and talent management processes is only the start of this, but it's an important step that can't be skipped.

by MSBHR on December 12, 2019 at 12:24PM

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