The 'mission' of admin staff

The mission of Administration Services is to provide high quality customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, care and pride.

Our Values:

Communicate with compassion

Commit to excellence

Embrace challenge

Deliver services equitably

Strive for efficiency

Be accountable and dependable

Why the contribution is important

In early 2019 Administration Services at PAH undertook the development of a mission statement which identified the core values and aims of the department and of the administrative staff who provide support to the clinical areas (and thus contribute to the delivery of patient services, either by direct interaction with patients or by supporting the administrative workload of clinicians). The statement was circulated within the department initially and then sent out to the wider admin group to ask for their feedback and contribution. The final outcome is detailed above.

The values have been woven into the messaging of the department in an attempt to positively influence the culture of the administrative stream, instilling a sense of worth into what admin staff contribute even though they are not clinical. The Administration Induction session which is delivered to new staff every month introduces them to the concepts and sets the tone, with the aim of fostering pride in themselves and the organisation. Repeated articulation of the values keeps them in mind and hopefully influences staff to perform their best for consumers and colleagues, contributing to make PAH (and Metro South) a benchmark organisation in terms of service and culture.

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