The gift of time and compassion

When my husband left to attend his oncology appointment one morning, he was visibly anxious and stressed. He had been diagnosed with cancer only a few weeks earlier and we were both struggling to make sense of what it all meant. He phoned me a while later, telling me he’d been able to see a specialist cancer nurse. It wasn’t so much what he said to me during that call, but the lightness in his voice that made me realise this nurse had managed to change his state of mind and heart that day. She took the time to answer the troubling questions he had, she showed genuine compassion and made him feel like he mattered. When I think ‘Metro South Values’, this is the story that comes to my mind instantly.

Why the contribution is important

The best health care is not enough if people don’t feel truly seen and cared for.

by JVI_Consumer on November 27, 2019 at 03:42PM

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