Pride in your job and who you work for

Being proud of who you work for influences key behaviours in a workforce

I did note that one of the questions to prompt discussions was on what makes you feel proud to work at Metro South Health (MSH). I think it is important to not only be proud of who you work for, but also to take pride in your work.  This in turn not only benefits the organization or yourself, but the people we provide services to and other people we come in contact with.

I am personally proud of working for MSH and am proud of the work I am involved in as MSH is motivated by the ‘why’ they have created my position.  Not only has MSH provided the opportunity, I have been enabled by MSH to thrive professionally within a supportive and encouraging environment.

For other staff to echo similar sentiments it would be important for the organization to:

  • instill this value through its leaders
  • foster a climate of continuous improvement
  • empower its employees
  • listen to employees
  • foster personal development
  • maintain transparency and communicate MSH objectives and steps to take to meet organisational goals, articulate what is expected of employees etc.
  • complement employees on a job well done / acknowledge accomplishments
  • provide employees with what they need to accomplish the needs of the role

Why the contribution is important

There are several articles on the importance of instilling pride in the workplace. The following information captures what I think (taken from 'Building Pride in the Workplace - What does a 'proud' work culture really man?' Driver Hire):

Key behaviours fostered by pride

Believing in the business that you are employed by, or in this case, being proud of where you are working, whether for ten years or ten weeks, influences key behaviours in a workforce:

  • Feeling strong loyalty to their employer
  • Increase in employees telling people who they work for
  • Increases how often employees tell people the organisation is a great place to work
  • Employees become brand ambassadors
  • Increase in employees putting in that extra effort
  • Increase in employees recommending employer’s products and services
  • Decrease in employees actively looking for a job elsewhere
  • Increased sense of community and belonging

How does worker and employee behaviour benefit the customer?

There are many advantages to a corporate culture that instils pride in the workplace, primarily:

  • Increased workforce reliability and consistency
  • Workers who care about doing their best – stronger work ethic
  • Increased customer service levels
  • Improved overall morale
  • Dependable brand representatives
  • Better value for money

by Rupee on December 18, 2019 at 01:42PM

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