Intent Based Leadership and Continuous Quality Improvement VS Usual Managment & Transformational Leadership Trial

I am interested in adding to the literature on; Which leadership behaviours that are most valuable to our teams and our patients? And, How do we achieve safe compassionate care every time?

Recently "Project Aristotle" - a large study by googles, to find out how to build the perfect team... psychological safety is the single greatest correlate with a groups success.

So looking for leadership attributes that have a proven track record in complex systems I discovered David Marquet's story.

The key differences are around moving from a leader-follower model (Transformational) to a leader-leader model (Intent Based). "Leadership at every level"... is a 9 min clip that tells his story as the captain of a neuclear submarine improving its performance from worst to the best the performing crew ever seen. With the best part being the proportion of sailors who went on to comand there own vessels. We too work in a large complex organisation where decisions about the service you are delivering occurs a long way from where the information is created.  

While, at first, moving away from Transformational leadership might sound like blasphemy. What if the plateau in facilities performances is suggestive that a change needs to be tested. Importantly I would like to acknowledge the vast improvements that have been made with this approach. The question of what else could we test to reach the status of a highly reliable service?




Why the contribution is important

Years ago I left clinical work frustrated at not being heard as a front line clinician. The systems issues that I experienced each day with my patients was not in aligned with best practice dispite the best intentions of very hard working staff. I still see hardworking staff who don't feel heard and are not given what they feel they need to provide for their patients.

Moving away from compliance will be a gradual process where competency and clarity of purpose will be deveoped in line with leadership behaviours like, listening to understand, empathy and compassion would be highly desirable. The key questions to ask our staff might include;

1. I am treated with dignity and respect by everyone.

2. I have what I need so I can make a contribution at work, that gives meaning to my life.

3 I am recognised and thanked by someone I respect.     (Source; Managment on the Mend)

by Dwyerdmn on November 28, 2019 at 06:09PM

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