Foster a spirit of belonging to PAH and sense of loyality to Exec

Develop each facitity and then an over arching entity- visible umbrella group that leads on a common issue that impacts on the community.   

Impact of climate change on peoples health and how Metro South will anticipate and provide health services in the future in this changing world.   

Why the contribution is important

Difficult when there are at least four Hospitals in Metro South as no shared identity so need to develop each facility and then some over arching entity. Reinforce common values that are shared and executive must convey a personal connection with each of the staff, which fosters a strong sense of loyality to Metro South or a Hospital within the group. Executive staff need to be visible not just figure heads.  

Metro South needs to be seen as a trail blazer. An example I have is St Vincent's in Sydney backed the setting up of the injection room in Kings Cross, when others put up road blocks. St Vincent's welcomed people dying of AIDS in the 1980s when there was mass fear/rejection in the community. There was a sense of what the Sisters of Charity stood for and that they followed this up by example and action. 

Being seen as a lead in addressing climate change might be a common cause that will get buy in from staff and the community. Strong governance over clinical practice so that Metro South does not receive bad press like Westpac at the moment.  

by alan on November 28, 2019 at 02:29PM

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