Focussing on a kindness-oriented workplace and improving patient health outcomes

Instances or experiences of unkind situations or acts can lead to difficulty with staff retention, lateness, absenteeism, and low morale — all of which result in an unhealthy workplace, ultimately affecting patient care and outcomes.

Making kindness a priority in the workplace will create a more inclusive workplace culture, one where people feel a sense of belonging and wellbeing.

A kinder work environment benefits everyone, starting with staff. They are likely to feel:

  • more engaged, less exhausted and will definitely have more satisfied patients

By keeping kindness at the core of our everyday health care practice, staff will:

  • have increased resilience to stress and change, inspire more meaningful work and are more immune to burnout

If we embed Metro South with a culture of compassion and kindness, we will have:

  • reduced employee exhaustion and absenteeism, increased psychological engagement in work, greater employee well-being and commitment and obviously higher levels of positive emotion available for our patients

The clear flow on effect to embedding kindness into the Metro South culture is positive outcomes for patients, which is after all why we are all here:

  • when staff communicate well – patients are more likely to listen
  • with kind encouragement, patients tend to heal faster
  • patients who experience compassionate care are more likely to divulge important information to staff, helping to make a diagnosis more accurate, therefore improving their treatment and outcome.



Why the contribution is important

I firmly believe that by focussing on creating a kind and positive work environment throughout Metro South will help ensure staff's commitment to deliver high-quality care to patients, even in stressful times. What could be better than that?

by WillowandScout on December 17, 2019 at 01:00PM

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