Embracing Innovation - How Can We do Things Better?

We need to have a mindset of:

  • embracing innvoation and
  • constantly challenging ourselves of How Can We Do Things Better?




Why the contribution is important

  1. As time goes by, we get too comfortable and play it safe.
  2. It is difficult to escalate ideas and issues with long standing staff / exsisting practices.
  3. When the wrong people are in a management role, it is difficult to progress change.

If we embed a culture of 'Embracing Innovation & How Can We Do Things Better?' it would :

  • facilitate open conversations with patients, staff, across teams, up/down the organisation chart
  • improve quality, increase effeciency and drive innovation
  • challenge the mindset of what 'it has always been that way'
  • provide a mechanism to think more broadly at a systems level

by Elene on December 20, 2019 at 08:58AM

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