Creating a Culture of Civility

Incivility has always exsited inside and outside the workplace, there is evidence that it has reached crisis levels and is causing harm in the workplace.  Incivility will result in lower levels of moral, engagent and productivity, and retention rates will be negatvley impacted as well.  The key for leaders is to be agile and mindful in all of the moments and touch points they have with employees every day.

Some ideas to Create a Culture of Civility:

  • Define incivility in our organisation, and when does such behaviour cross the line into harassment.
  • Provide examples of civility and perhaps incivility in our organisation, and how did we handle them
  • How does our organisation handle complaints of incivility from employees or customers.
  • Creating tips for diffusing interactions in the workplace that become heated, contentious or uncivil.
  • The CEO of Campbell Soup Co. sent 30,000 handwritten letters to employees to help turn around a toxic culture.  This is one example of culture-building to encourgae and foster cultures of kindness and civility.
  • Ask our staff what they can do as individuals in their workplace to begin creating cultures of civility.


Why the contribution is important

Civility lifts peole.  Incivility chips away at people and their performance and potential.  If we create more civil enviroments, we are more productive, creative, helpful and happy.  Each one of us can be more mindful and can take actions to lift others up around us.  In every interaction, we need to think: who do you want to be?

by padgetm on December 13, 2019 at 09:44AM

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