Create resources for management to keep values visible and accessible

In order to successfully integrate our values into the organisational culture, we need to create a framework that each discipline can use to adopt into their area and ensure that our values are visible and consistently applied. This would work best by providing resources to those who manage staff to assist them in integrating positive examples of value implementation into their work area.

Whether that is through the implementation of regular values-based performance feedback or if it is through ways to bring up a value-based reflection in team meetings (which could be as simple as including this on our corporate meeting templates as a reminder for meeting chairs to include). Managers and supervisors need to be armed with ways on promoting organisational values in their own teams.

A checklist could then be available so that managers know they have successfully implemented varied ways that values are integrated and reflected upon consistently. 

Why the contribution is important

In an organisation as large as Metro South Health, it can be difficult for all staff on the ground to recognise their contribution and the value that they create on a daily basis. With many different disciplines operating together as one cohesive unit, it can sometimes be difficult for individuals to identify and align themselves with the overall vision and values of the organisation in the role that they play. This can be particularly true at times for staff that have been with the organisation for an extended period of time who have become misaligned with the values we want to demonstrate and the vision we aim to achieve.

With the opportunity to refresh our values with the Big Values Conversation, we need to ensure our values remain visible and are consistently used as the barometer for past, present and future success. To do this, we need to tangibly acknowledge how our actions relate to our values and use this to motivate our actions.

by stojskit on December 10, 2019 at 03:54PM

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