Compassion and Empathy are at the core of everything we do at Bayside Health Service

A new staff charter for Bayside Health Service was launched on 6 December 2018 defining the future, partnerships and culture of our great health service. The Charter is values based: Compassion and empathy are at the core of everything we do and out of that falls our need to innovate, promote partnerships across our community and to grow a culture of positivity and optimism.

A group of our peers collaborated extensively to develop this new Charter, which represents our commitments to the organisation, our patients and clients as well as each other as colleagues.

Our aim was to create a value statement that would resonate through all levels of the organisation from the grass roots to the most senior clinicians and management: -

• A shared commitment to the provision of quality health care

• A statement that would mean as much to our patients as well as the staff

For more information on its development and to download the Charter, see the news story released by Metro South Health:

Bayside launches new Staff Charter

Why the contribution is important

The extensive consultative work undertaken to develop the Bayside Health Service Staff Charter needs to be carefully considered as part of the values discovery phase. The Charter is highly relevant to the discovery of our shared values at Metro South Health. It reflects the values that drive us to act in the best interest of the people we serve each and every day, our colleagues and the organisation at large.

by MSBHR on December 12, 2019 at 11:54AM

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