Care for our staff and promote work-life balance

Working in health can be really difficult for a range of reasons. Openly acknowledging this and identifying strategies to enhance staff wellness especially for those on shift work is important for staff health, wellness, retention and culture. The flow on effect is our staff have more to give and our patients receive better care. Sometimes we have a harsh and tough culture of 'harden up'. This does not acknowledge how hard it can be to balance work with other life commitments or how we cope at different times, ages and situations. While we do have some policies and procedures to promote flexible work arrangements for people with young families the positive attitudes that surround work-life balance and promoting healthy life-styles are lacking. MSH should be a flexible, supportive and responsive organisation able to negotiate personalised solutions to individualised needs. This should include provision of comfortable staff environments and facilitating, for example, comfort and rest during breaks, especially on nightshift. The health and safety of our staff is vital. Further, in this day and age, there is plenty of evidence to support the benefits of flexible work arrangements and jobsharing, for example. If we want our staff to stay, retaining all that corporate knowledge, and maintain a positive attitude to their work over the years then we need to genuinely care for, listen to and look after them.

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by AnnaG on December 17, 2019 at 08:53AM

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