Bring your passion to work!

Get excited!

Do what you love, what lights you up! Spend time cultivating it and nurturing it and fill yourself up then bring it to work and replicate it.  Bring your passion to work.

Being excited is contagious! Spreads from the way we smile at people and the way we interact with each other. Serving to others from our passion is what makes the difference not only for them but for us! Studies show that people that find their job meaningful and are deeply engaged with the organization, not only thrive but achieve more positive outcomes, and show lower levels of burnout (AHRI, 2018).  It starts with each one of us and spread as an attitude towards our patients and co-workers and next thing we now it has light up our entire ward and so forth.

It is a constant inside job that is fostered by the organization, like two living organisms it must be reciprocal, through the recognition of initiatives, giving our people the opportunity to voice their thoughts and participate in the way we do things, and for an attitude of being on the lookout for the good, in a way that we are growing together,  not depleting ourselves at work.  This makes for healthier and happier individuals, happier and healthier families and overall environment.

Why the contribution is important

In the healthcare environment is important to emphasize in the importance of selfcare in order to care for others, serving from our own overflow ensures quality services, continuity and sustainability.

by DaleCB on November 28, 2019 at 10:32AM

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