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Our shared values are at the heart of who we are as an organisation.

Metro South Health staff, volunteers and consumers are all invited to join our Big Values Conversation” and take part in the Values Jam! Do you have a story to tell, or a picture that paints 1000 words?  Perhaps you’d like to share your proudest moment at Metro South Health, or talk about when you’ve seen our values in action.

The story so far...

Metro South Health currently work within the Queensland Public Service values, which are Customers First, Ideas into Action, Unleash Potential, Be Courageous, and Empower People. These values are important for all Queensland government agencies. At Metro South Health we are now also ready to commit to our own organisational values. We want to hear from you to help us discover them!

A growing body of evidence suggests that strong organisational values are linked to improved patient experience, patient safety, employee engagement, and long-term organisational success and impact. We are dedicated to discovering and defining our values together with our consumers, our staff and our community.

The Big Values Questions

Here are some questions that may be helpful when thinking about stories and experiences to share:

  • Do you know someone who truly represents what Metro South Health stands for? Tell us about what this person does that makes them a role model.
  • As a staff member or volunteer, what makes you feel proud to work at Metro South Health?
  • What sets Metro South Health apart within the healthcare industry?
  • Our mission is Health and wellbeing for all in the community. What values do we need to hold onto to achieve this mission?   (Think of values as the core principles guiding Metro South Health's perspective and actions.)
  • How do we make sure our values are more than just words on a page... How can we integrate them in meaningful ways into everything we do?

How to jam!

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If you need help on how to use this platform, including how to upload an image, click the link How To Use This Site at the bottom of this page. The Values Jam will close on Tuesday, 31 December 2019.

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