Workforce Plan

We acknowledge the work already being undertaken in strategic workforce planning and performance.  We believe this is imperative to ensure valued-based healthcare is provided in hospitals and community care settings.   The workforce planning should include:

  • An analysis of barriers and enablers of access for patients;
  • Identifying how services/sectors interact with each other such as residential aged care facilities, NDIS, primary health care network (PHNs) and with other HHSs; and
  • Access between HHSs;

Further, we support nurses and midwives working to their full scope of practice and encourage services led by nurses, nurse navigators, nurse practitioners and midwives. These nurse and midwife models of care are well placed in addressing patient recovery.

Why the contribution is important

With the growing population, ageing demographic and the changing nature of healthcare, planning is vital to ensure the supply of nurses and midwives and other health practitioners meets the demand for these services and the needs of patients.

by QNMU on May 31, 2019 at 03:41PM

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