What did the doctor say? recording key information

Our team has been talking about a common answer we hear when people ask 'what did the doctor/nurse/physio, social worker say? and the answer is i don't know, it was something about this, but there was so much to take in, I can't recall.'

So the issue of making audio recordings of consultations came up. This has been talked about in a recent article in The Conversation.

The Peter Macallum Cancer Centre is at the prototype stage for a consultation recording app call SecondEars and it resonated for team member who could relate to the inability to remember specifics of consultations with health professionals.


and another article medium.com highlighted seed funding stage for an app for medical recording that could be shared with a persons team.


'Medcorder is designed to be helpful to patients and their families. It can also help doctors by reducing the number of calls and repeat visits they get, but we developed this primarily for patients and families to stay helpfully connected during a medical situation involving someone they care about, or care for.'

https://medcorder.com/ not available in the Australian app store or google store as far as I can see.

My team writes a summary for clients which they can share with their key supports, but it isn't available in real time, they have to wait for us to write up the consult and send it to them. An audio summary at the end of a consult could be recorded for clients in real time.

Why the contribution is important

Good communication is key to person centred health outcomes. It is even more important when coordinating complex care across hospital and community locations, formal and informal supports.

Being able to have an audio recording of a consultation is another tool to support good communication.

It can help the person process the information as they relisten to it and share with their key supports and services.

It may reduce anxiety, repeat visits to check information and help to ensure everyone is on the same page working towards the agreed health care plan.


by Kiley on May 22, 2019 at 11:31AM

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