Wexit (ward exit) date display available to staff

A count down clock which based on the DRG or modified DRG length of stay(due to patient complexity)  - counts down the days left before LOS discharge is expected.

This would be a visual reminder to busy staff re available time lines to complete the clinical work required for this patient before a LOS breach occurs.  This could occur at the opening page of the patient's electronic medical record and could export into a ward report.

Why the contribution is important

Staff have very busy clinical caseloads and can lose sight of looming length of stay deadlines.  Current EDD information is not always available or discussed in relation to caseload planning meetings.  Often length of stay discussions only occur after the expected LOS has been exceeded - so reactive in nature as opposed to proactive.

by heartland on May 23, 2019 at 11:37AM

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