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For various reasons, we have patients who attend ED without funds to pay for public transport to return to their homes.  Currently, this is managed by provision of QLD rail travel warrants however there are many, many areas in Logan that are not serviced by QLD rail and require bus trasnfer/transport.

If the person is able to manage public transport (ie mobility and intellectually) - I'm aware RBWH ED have a small amount of petty cash to provide to patients to ensure that they are able to get home safely.  The amount provided is checked on Translink journey planner re: cost.  This is restricted to provision x1 or x2 per person so that this does not become an expected service if people have voluntarily attended hospital.

As there are numerous bus companies servicing the Logan region - the other alternative is to approach each bus company independently and ascertain if a voucher system can be utilised and LGH charged for cost of patient travel.


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The above problem results in patients being required to stay for much longer periods in ED whilst attempting to figure out how they are getting home (when no family/friends can collect them).

by reidc on May 17, 2019 at 07:05AM

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  • Posted by totoole May 20, 2019 at 13:38

    Transitcare operate throughout Brisbane South and Logan and Redlands.
    We have readily available 40 vehicles each day that are either currently used for transport to and from hospitals. We also complete NUNA work for QAS which we have done so for 25 years. If patients require transport for medical , urgent or episodic we can help.
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