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Recently a family member was in Hospital.

They went home and required further assistance.

The trouble is that on discharge not much was provided - this is no fault of anyone's.

Howver, since speaking to GP and other health professionals there has been assiatance offered through third party providers and included in this is grants and discounts for services including community services that they may be able to utilise.

When you are sick or recouperating things are not always clear. Information provided is not always retained.

Why not have a central web page or location for people to resource for grants - for assistance - for commuinity help - for professioanal help.

This would be ideal for people to look up on the internet. I conceed not everyone is a whiz at the internet or knows how to use it but people who support this older folk could assist.

Having access to health schemes or companies who can support them on the road to recovery and offer doscounts for pensioners or disabled folk would be a great achievement.

So many times there are State - Federal and other initiatives that slip through the cracks. Maybe if these could be located in one location for easy access and review this would help not only the sick people - but people who have an injury that requires support or assistance to be independent enough to explore options and see what aid is available to them

Why the contribution is important

Some people do not like to accept "charity".

Some people do not know the first place to look for community aid - community programs or funding and schemes that are available through State and Federal governments.

It is usually not until someone says have you heard of this - or you maybe eleigible for that that they start to enquire.

These programs and schemes can be difficult to navigate and find - like finding treasure sometimes.

Having them listed and available for review may help people explore options to assist them when they return home to the community once they leave Hospital.


by winno on May 28, 2019 at 09:33AM

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