Take control of your health – digital platform to remotely monitor patient health

There is a digital decision support and coaching platform commercially available to remotely monitor patient health in the convenience of the patient’s home. It provides a virtual, personalised 'clinic' for each patient with lifestyle conditions including diabetes, heart problems and obesity. It provides a convenient and efficient connection for patients and their clinicians and carers, allowing tailored clinic visits and care, lifestyle modification and coaching to the individual patient. This enables people who have been hospitalized can return home sooner without compromising on their quality of care provided by the healthcare professionals.

The market focus this product is to support people to live in their home and prevent hospitalisation

Why the contribution is important

Chronic disease and multi-morbidity–patients having several chronic conditions simultaneously– represents the major challenge for healthcare and cause of morbidity and healthcare costs in the 21st Century. The current healthcare system is fragmented with a reactive approach to patient heath. Remote health monitoring and care potentially provides better health outcomes and reduced health costs by allowing clinicians timely access to informative clinical data and providing remote coaching by health professionals creating a preventative-health approach.

A CSIRO report estimates a saving of $3 billion to the Australian Government by remote

health monitoring of patients with lifestyle conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular

conditions and obesity. The World Health Organisation estimates 63% of global deaths are

due to lifestyle diseases.

This is resulting in increased:

- Government healthcare spend

- number of claims for Private Health insurers

- expenditure for people with lifestyle conditions.

Over 500,000 people 65yrs and over could utilise remote health monitoring to potentially

avoid hospitalisation for chronic conditions and complications:



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