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Hospital Pharmacy are not linked to Digital Hospital. They cannot provide delivery or contraindications warnings for the discharge plan. It would also help if the system could be linked in to the GP network and the Community Pharmacy system.

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My father was a victim of regular hospital readmissions because hospitals changed medications and these contraindicted his other medications. Which was only picked on next admission by pharmacist. Since then I have seen GP's and pharmacists reissue old medications especially since pharmacists have got medi advisor. Hospital pharmacy linkage would save rebounds.

by kevinconway on May 28, 2019 at 12:21AM

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  • Posted by Alaina_MetroSouthHealth May 28, 2019 at 16:08

    Hi kevinconway thanks for taking the time to share your ideas. I’m happy to let you know that the Digital Hospital and Hospital Pharmacy are connected and integrated, which has resulted in many benefits for both patients, and the health service. As you point out this is really important as pharmacists are a key part of the healthcare team.
    When discharge planning for a patient begins, pharmacists are regularly involved and prepare a Discharge Medication Record (DMR) for the patient. Discharge summaries with more details about a patient’s hospital visit is also prepared by the medical officer and sent through to the primary care physician (e.g. GP). GPs are also able to register to have access to The Viewer® where this information is held.

    Thanks again for your contribution – we look forward to hearing more from you.
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