Personal AI Assistant to go home with. For patient and family

Have each person going home from hospital to go home with a personaliased google home. Set up to their voice control. Have it trained with basic commands such as call doctor, call hospital, read my discharge summary, read my medication regime, when is my next appointment,  send my discharge details to my family.  Order allied services recommended for me. Read my doctors discharge messages, read my nurse, allied health, pharmacist.... Etc.. Notes for my discharge.  Read summary of my hospital stay

Read anything I need to do this week for my health


This will be set up using Google home, adding in the documents for it to read, contacts, calendar of appointments which are put in before discharge.  Also recordings from doctors, nurses, therapists etc.. 

Allow family to subscribe to this is ok with the patient


Then allow patients to subscribe to this service so all their medical visits can be added to this repository... 


This will use tech readily available. 

My Dad with terminal boewl cancer and mum with heart issues have taken to using their Google home easily as they can talk to it, and they have a cheat sheet of how to ask questions. 

This can be value add for patients, and also an ongoing commercial proposition


Thanks Fiona 

Why the contribution is important

Most patients are not able to keep up all the necessities to recover at home easily. With this easy and conversational reminders, and prompts of appointments, and recordings of what they may forget their recovery will be easier as it is more likely to be as planned. Also gives patient and family a feeling of safety in knowing what has been recommended. 

Makes our patients feel linked back to their health provider personally and in their own time

by Ffoley on May 31, 2019 at 08:39PM

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