Patient Red days Green days

Saw this at  RoundTable presentation. + NHS video

REd days- days that nothing happens to the patient

Green days; where activites happen that lead to patient discharge.

It where value added care is assessed and at the end of the week problems which impact/ impede the progress of discharge can be identified.  Process improvements can be then implemented to reduce these barreir.

Could work in ED by occuring on an hourly or 30min basis to assist in meeting NEAT target.

Why the contribution is important

1.  Recognizes that the patient time is valuable - patient centred care

2. Involves the patient actively in their care so they know, what is wrong,  what they are waiting for and the progress of their condition.

3. Improves patient flow leading to decreased lenght of stay.

4. Improves the effiecent use of health care resources.

5. Improves staff satisfaction and patient satisfaction.

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