Nurse and midwife-led models of care

Nurse and midwife-led models of care exist in a multitude of health care settings and within a multidisciplinary team.  We believe they are a crucial part of thhealthcare system.  It is from this platform that we offer these suggestions for your consideration:

  • nurse-led discharge based on criteria
  • midwifery-led antenatal clinics in the community
  • increase the number of midwifery group practices
  • consider home-birth policy in keeping with the rest of Australia
  • remove barriers of midwives working to their full scope of practice
  • nurse practitioner models of care

Why the contribution is important

Nursing and midwifery is the largest occupational group in Queensland Health.  By proactively enabling these nurses and midwives to practice to their full scope of practice by developing nurse and midwife-led models of care, is a giant step forward in addressing “Nobody wants to be in hospital if they don’t need to be”.

by QNMU on May 31, 2019 at 03:39PM

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