Private transport and companions (RN’s/Paramedics) to non emergency patients either ground (ride-share) or commercial airline.

A mobile app and/or web app plug-in across NSW Health and SA Health (metro/regional) exists commercially, offering non-emergency patient transport solutions with a Nurse and/or Paramedic. This could from hospital discharge to home (4hr call out) or and interstate flight with Qantas or Virgin. 


50% + cost saving as not using busy QLD Ambulance (ground / air) assets required for emergency work

Proven model with NSW Health and SA Health

Partnered with Flight Centre/FCM (Brisbane based business)

Easy for QLD Health staff to use (plug-in or mobile app)

Reduces Ambulance ramping

Minimal set up cost

Why the contribution is important

Set up cost for QLD Health & Trial Parameters:

(Non-Emergency Patient Transport – Air / Road) All transport request can be managed by existing operations office that manages existing government health jobs.

Immediate Strategy

Metro and Regional

Major metro and regional hospitals using existing web/app plug-in for QLD Health.

Policy and procedure proforma for hospitals (Web/App or Mobile App)     4hrs

Gold/Diamond/Platinum or Platinum +

Medical / Patient transport proforma (Patient Record / Booking Card, MEDIF)  6hrs

Web/App or Mobile App integration 10hrs

Training –staff to meet and train all SA Health transport/dispatch staff 10hrs

Airfares, Travel and Accommodation for companions

Payment: QLD Health: Credit Card facility or P Card (virtual credit card system) or 3day account

The organization to QLD Health and deal directly with hospitals on daily basis

Review after 3 months and if approved open across all QLD Health (Metro and Regional) facilities.

Road Transports:

From: AUD$450/4hrs + ride-share + admin

Commercial Air:

From: AUD$790/day + ride-share + accommodation + admin

Future Strategy:

Improve technology via API’s

Establish a small non-emergency patient transport hub (North, South, East and West).

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  • Posted by totoole May 20, 2019 at 13:42

    TOTTS / Transitcare operate transport to and from Townsville hospital to accommodation houses and then the onward journey to hospital/ dental or medical appointments for FNQ. This operates with clients coming in from all over FNQ for appointments in Townsville.
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