hospital funded support at home

I believe there are some patients who may be able to be supported at home while waiting for a residential bed if there was funding to provide a decent amount of care going in to the home.

It would be a lot cheaper to keep a person in their own environment with support say 3-4 times a day for personal care/in and out of bed and meals. The "patient" would be in a familiar environment and could participate in more activities within the home.

There may be a carer/spouse living there also but regular visits would take a lot of strain off them.

The care going in to the home may have to be two carers each time if the need was there.





Why the contribution is important

We are under constant pressure to get/keep patients out of hospital and many domains of staff are working to their full capacity.

This is one easy way to help support people at home for longer.

Support also with RACF placement from the home in the form of social worker/care manager would be of benefit to these people as this is a process which is impossible for the frail/elderly to manage on their own.

by morgane on May 28, 2019 at 01:22PM

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