home faecal calprotectin testing

This test gives a highly sensitive and specific assessment of inflammation only in the bowel therefore other blood markers that are not specific are often of no use for clinical management

Inflamatory bowel disease is unique in that symptoms do not always equate to the degree of bowel information but THIS TEST DOES


This would enable us to decrease OPD visits because if normal they do not need to be seen. It may also impact on the need for costly colonoscopies.

In rural and remote areas this would have an w enormous impact on the OPD visits and colonoscopies now being done by flyingf senior gastroenterologists around queensland


By coupling with telehealth the cost savings of $3,000.00 /colonoscopy and $114.00/out patient visit would be signifant

Why the contribution is important

Because I believe this is the way we need to go in the future with the tyranny of distance and the poor economies of scale in our country we need to  provide a service to all australians both rural and city based with minimal impact on their working capabilities.

by Brettlo on May 29, 2019 at 07:25AM

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