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Often one of the very important issues when being despatched from hospital after an operation or illness, is the fact that the patient can no longer live independently because he/she is unable to shop for food, cook and prepare healthy well balanced nutritious meals, and do the washing up. Being unable to nourish oneself properly once despatched leads to ill health and an inability to continue living on their own.

Why the contribution is important

There is a private organisation which can offer home delivered meals straight to the doorstep. They are snap frozen, a process which retains all the natural flavours, and are kept in the freezer until they are ready to be heated up in the micro wave or the oven. Very simple and easy. Our friendly delivery staff will assist with putting the meals away upon request. The meals offer low salt and fat, high fibre and protein, dairy free and gluten free options. They are individual, complete meals that come in a large or regular size, and there are also soups and desserts to choose from. There is a huge variety and the meals are very competitively priced. There are no plans or contracts and customers can order when and as they need. Each suburb is serviced once a week, and our minimum order is only $49.

The organisation is an approved and registered NDIS provider and participants, once they have set up their plan which includes the delivery of prepared meals, only pay a small co payment for the meals as the NDIS pays for 70% of the meal price and for the delivery. 

Offering the service of home delivered meals is extremely important for the well being of any patient after an operation, for the elderly who are no longer able to provide themselves with nourishing meals, and for the disabled. Many people with a disability or those who are on an Aged Care Package will have the ability to only pay a small co payment for the meals making it a very affordable option. The organisation will ensure that hospital patients can be sent home confidently with the knowledge that they will not have to worry about meals and that they will be well nourished. 

by marianne on May 16, 2019 at 09:25AM

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